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Smooth Sailing

A design agency I worked for at the time had changed offices, and in part to remake the new space in our agency's brand, I was tasked with creating a series of posters that would live on
the walls lining the entryway.


Digital Illustration, Typography




Design agency



Captain's Captions

The agency's brand was an energetic combination of anything nautical related and a clever sense of humor. I've always loved creating typographic illustrations, so I took this opportunity to go wild.

After choosing several quotes our fearless leader repeated often, I sketched out a version of the captain's captions and created illustrations
around them.

Posters Mock up.jpg

The View After the Voyage

The end result was a fun series of posters that garnered quite some talk around the office when unveiled and spurned several more posters as the CEO's treasure trove of quotes grew.

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