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Let's bring your idea to life.

I love branding and its many aspects, including developing identity, creating typefaces, and creating iconography. 

Please reach out even if you don't think your project falls under the categories listed above.I'd still love to meet you and see how I can help you achieve your vision.



Serif to Sans

I'm a type nerd. I like letterforms and figuring the proper spacing for maximum readability and little quirks like how prominent a tail on the letter "Q" is and... You get the picture.


Style and Personality

Most wouldn't define strategy as delicious, but that's what I'm here for. Hit me with your best shot.

Sherlock copy.png


Digital or Analog

My definition of illustration is broad, but I love every aspect, from getting down and dirty with mixed media to cleaning it up in the Creative Suite.

11 Mel Bee-7.png


Brand Strategy || Identity & Branding

Print || Digital & Web || Art Direction

Environmental & Exhibition

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