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Dainty Details

Here lies a menagerie of media: illustrations, sketches, icons, logos, etc. Whether it be for practice or because an inspiring idea would not leave me be, these are typically the product of curiosity mixed with boredom. Please enjoy!


Illustration, Iconography, Logo Design, Typography


Illustrator, Designer





Luzia Logo Exploration

Personal Projects

I've always loved learning new ways to use mediums and give myself projects to practice over the years. The following projects range from bringing my fine arts background to the digital to playing around with new software and tools.


Animated Analysis

Like many, I have had my good days and bad
days during the pandemic. As I work through processing the hellscape of a year that was 2020,
I wanted to bring humor and play with some of
my own personal experiences during this time
by creating quick gifs of different aspects of life
in lock-down. It isn't all bad, and if you can't find
the humor in it all, are you really living?

Iconography & Small Graphics

The devil is in the details, and it is those small details that can really make the difference between a mediocre and an exceptional design.

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