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Fleet Science Center's FleetTV


Virtual learning resource branding identity system, illustrations


Created the branding system, created illustrations


Fleet Science Center



Pause|Play Ball Pit

The First of Its Kind

This exhibit was the Fleet's first exhibit wholly created in-house, from concept to design to production to installation. Incredibly, the exhibition was designed, produced, and installed in under six months.

Pause|Play Wassily Font

Play Things

While my design was not chosen for the final logo, this particular logo concept was so much fun to create that I later went on to create a display font based off the idea.

My Early Designs

Combined Efforts

These are a selection of the in-house design team's logo concepts.

The Pool Deck

The pool deck was a ball pit with two separate lanes, in which visitors could test different ways of "floating" on "water molecules." This was one of several areas I created and installed graphics for.

Seek & Find

The Hide & Seek wall was one of many sections that made up the overall exhibit. I created a pattern that hid the words "Hide & Seek" and "Pause" and "Play," words that more easily stand
out when looking through colored filters installed in ping pong paddles (red, blue, and green).
The finished product was also a test of my vinyl installation abilities as the pattern called for precise application.

Pause|Play Hide and Seek Wall

Chit & Chat

Dr. Steve Snyder, CEO of the Fleet Science Center, takes a deep dive with Paul Sabrowski and Ashanti Davis on the Pause|Play exhibit's background and development.