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Projects Aplenty

This is a collection of various branding and logo projects I have done over the years, including some personal ones for fun or practice. 


Brand Identity, Logo Design







Work Station

Unorthodoxly Orthodox

As a personal challenge, I created a brand identity system for San Diego
Christian College. This client would require a more conservative and
refined aesthetic than I typically work with.

San Diego Sunset

Updating the Dating Game

Filter was designed to be a new kind of dating app that took into
account sexualities and relationship styles that aren't considered
in today's most popular apps.

Filter Header Image
Filter App Mockup

Mobile Model

Knowing that most users would
be on their phones, "Mobile first"
was the motto.

Filter Logo


The triangle has long been associated with the LGBTQ+ community. As such, the client specifically wanted to include it in their logo.

Filter Website Landing Page

Desktop Design

The desktop site is where the clients introduced themselves and explained the new dating app's intent.

A Compilation of Clients

A bit of branding, a lot of logos, and a collection of colors.