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Introducing Reddy

Inspired by millennial urban pet parents looking for high-quality, innovative, functional, and sustainably-made products, Petco's Reddy takes a new look at what it means to be a pet owner
using the values of today's market.

Petco's Reddy


Environmental Design, Typography, Production Design, Photo Editing


Primary graphic designer on Reddy Shop-in-shops, secondary graphic designer on Reddy SoHo





22-940851_Shot-3_ 144.jpeg

Reddy Shop-In-Shops

While many shop-in-shops are designed to be partnerships between two brands, Petco's Reddy shop-in-shops showcase the Reddy brand and allow customers to view the products as part of a whole collection. 

As the primary visual production designer for the Reddy brand, it is my job to understand the components needed across 1500+ stores and utilize the assets given to me for brand and product education. This position also gives me the unique outlook of understanding the marketing assets, from the copy to the photography, featured in all stores and how I can help reach that customer, that pet parent we're trying to connect with.

Seasonability and Sustainability

With every season, comes new innovation. From cooling shirts and beds in the summer, to WeatherShell™ jackets, Reddy aims to anticipate your needs before you even know what you need while keeping sustainability in mind.

Reddy Seasonal_Sm.jpg

Poigneted Development

While the aim is to keep things fresh, the shop-in-shop resets are not just for change's sake. Instead, it is part of a months-long process to anticipate and understand the customers' wants and needs, ranging from seasonality to trends. Careful consideration is taken at every step, up to the signage needs (where I come in). Below are just some of the resets and refreshes.

SohoReddyHighResImage (16).jpg

Reddy SoHo: A New Urban Basecamp

Petco created this flagship store to elevate and showcase the Reddy brand, a premium lifestyle brand for dogs, intending to open more stores in urban locations across the country. As this was the initial store, the challenge of bringing the Reddy look and feel to life was creating a cohesive experience from entry to checkout. The internal brand department gave the visual production team a brand guidebook, a list of possible components and locations, and a week to assemble those graphics. The only expectation I brought to this project was that I would work on nothing else that week.

Reddy Soho

Thoughtfully Designed

This edgy, urban boutique was designed with Little, Diversified Architectural Consulting and Droga5.

Out of the Playbook Come the Details

The challenge for this project was being able to create for a space I had not seen nor could I visit personally. Balancing communication and coordination with several different departments, our objective was to develop environmental graphics and signage that showcased the incredible products Reddy has to offer and help to create an experience that would have pet parents eagerly coming back. The graphics needed to show the products without feeling like an ad, explain the brand's essence without overloading the customer with text, and serve as a beautiful backdrop to the store.

SohoReddyHighResImage (11).jpg

Scintillating Successes

Our team of designers were given a general direction, told to work through a list of graphics needed methodically, and to apply the brand elements to said graphic components. The work consisted of layout design and the highly technical task of preparing the files for print, as the brand colors are notoriously difficult to translate to a printed space.

Reddy SoHo is now the highest-grossing store in sales and has been featured in several media outlets and articles. It has been so successful that a second store will open in mid-2023, with several more stores planned.

Smell Ya Later

"On Oct. 28 in NYC's SoHo neighborhood, Petco opened a flagship concept store for Reddy, its premium line of collars, leashes and other products for dogs. To hype the launch, Droga5 lined a mile-long stretch of pavement with scented paw-print decals designed to delight mutts' muzzles. The trail led from Washington Square Park to Reddy's storefront at 125 Prince St."

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