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The current blogs of online travel agencies across the industry are clunky and not serviceable in any relevant way to travelers. There is no substantial information about destinations, no path from articles to travel information, and no way to interact with the pages' content. The articles themselves are either text-heavy with few pictures or too many pictures with little text or relevant information. As a result, the current blogs don't attract customers and don't keep customers on the pages long. 


UX/UI Design, Marketing, Web Design


Collaborated from concept to final presentation


Online Travel Agency



Sherman Mobile Mockup.jpg

Online travel agencies (OTAs) spend time, money, and energy on their blogs, which are then neglected by customers and rarely get repeat visitors. 

These blogs are great platforms to boost online travel agencies' credibility by cultivating valuable and relevant content and making it accessible through design and user experience.


1 Research

Through research and data available
to us from clients, we were able to
look at the number of visitors the
blogs attracted and how long they stayed on the page.

2 Ideation

We decided on critical elements
that would enhance the content
being generated and changes to
create a better flow for the user
and created a brief to guide us
through the following steps.

3 Execution

We created wireframes and a working mock-up of the website, including
the changes we recommended to present our data-backed suggestions
to the client.


Landing Page Design

On the landing page, large and dynamic images were used as the intent was to immediately inspire travel and curiosity. Small details such as widgets that
update based on the user's location and the page currently open and one-sentence bits of information that run along the bottom of the featured article are added to help inspire the visitor to explore the page.
An interactive map that could be used to explore the world without leaving the page was added to encourage more exploration. 

City Guide

City Guides were added to include more relevant information in a central area for popular destinations, either known vacation spots or up-and-coming tourist destinations, weather, most recent articles including that particular destination, best times to visit, where
to stay, and local recommendations. This, more than anything else, would be the biggest magnet for visitors and boost credibility. To create a central hub of information needed to plan a future trip or on
the fly when you're already at the destination.

Sherman Desktop Mockup copy.jpg
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